In January 2013 Salco Engineering and Manufacturing will be celebrating its 50th year as a strong Jackson business, one that continues to grow and thrive in a changing automotive industry. First opened in 1963, Salco was originally run by three men: Bob Currier, Harold Bussing, and Walt Mitchner. Jim Flack joined the team in 1979, after working as an elementary physical education teacher. Flack made the move to Salco due to district budget cuts, and 23 years later Flack found himself as president of the company. “One thing led to another, I moved up quickly in the company, and never went back to teaching,” says Flack.

David Flack, at the young age of 21, unexpectedly began following his fathers’ footsteps after graduating from Albion College. “I hadn’t envisioned a career in manufacturing but I have found that I like it a lot.” Now, three years after joining his father, David feels he is right at home. David says that in 2009, with the economy in a rough state and the place he was at in his life, Salco made perfect sense to him. With a bachelors and associates in economics and management and a minor is sociology, David has been putting his degrees to good use. “I enjoyed studying management and learned how to be a good manager. When your employees are happy they are going to be doing better work,” says David.

David says he wants to continue to offer employment in the city of Jackson and continue treating his employees well. He sees himself as a part of Salco well into his future, and is enthusiastic about growing the business. He would eventually like to expand their current facility or even move into a new one.

Salco sets themselves apart from similar manufacturing companies with their ability to see projects through with a face along the journey. With Salco, customers will be working alongside another human being and, due to the small size of their business, all customers are top priority. They pride themselves in being able to complete projects from the design process, no matter how abstract, through the prototype production. Salco stands by all the products they are involved with, guaranteeing their structural integrity and function.

The last 50 years have been good to Salco due to the hard work put in by its loyal employees and administration. They can continue to thrive through the organization of the father and son team, Jim and David Flack, and endure as a strong Jackson business.