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Customizable Carts and Trolleys for Your Industrial Needs

Carts designed by Salco Engineering and Manufacturing are constructed for heavy-duty use in manufacturing plants and on production lines. These industrial material handling carts are constructed of all-welded channel steel with heavy-duty casters and wheels. They are fully customized to meet your needs and keep your parts secure. Some key features and options include:

  • Rotating carousel platforms
  • Lift-up shelves with gas shocks
  • Pull-out shelves on drawer slides
  • Urethane part holding features
  • Tilt and lift systems
  • Floor locks
  • Tow bars and tugging systems
  • Oil drainage systems

Rotating Carts and Pallet Trolleys

Custom Design

Our designers work with customers to create custom solutions that meet their specific needs. We recognize that no two industrial environments are the same, so our customizable carts and trolleys are built to accommodate the unique demands of your production line. Our team can work with you to create a design that improves your workflow and increases efficiency, whether you need carts for transporting materials, tools, or products.

Wide Range of Applications

Our carts and trolleys have a wide range of applications across many industries. Our customers use our solutions for various tasks, such as moving products around the factory floor, transporting equipment and tools, and handling parts during the manufacturing process. We have experience working with customers in various industries, including automotive, food and beverage, and pharmaceuticals.

Durability and Longevity

Our carts and trolleys are designed to withstand the challenging industrial environment. We use high-quality materials such as steel and aluminum to construct carts and trolleys that can last for many years with minimal maintenance. Our team can also create custom solutions that are designed for a specific weight capacity or that can withstand harsh environments.

Efficiency and Productivity

Our carts and trolleys are designed to improve the efficiency and productivity of your production line. We incorporate features that make it easy for workers to move carts and trolleys around the factory floor quickly and safely. For example, our solutions may feature swivel casters that allow for easy maneuverability or adjustable shelves that can be customized to fit specific materials or products.

Safety and Ergonomics

At Salco Engineering & Manufacturing Co, we prioritize worker safety and ergonomics. Our carts and trolleys meet or exceed all relevant safety standards and feature locking mechanisms, sturdy frames, and ergonomic handles that make it safe for workers to move the carts and trolleys around the factory floor. We design our solutions with the worker in mind to create a safe and comfortable work environment.

Salco offers a wide range of custom products to meet your specific needs. We also offer SolidWorks design services. If you already have a print or CAD data ready to go, click here to request a quote today.

Dock Carts

Heavy-duty wire mesh utility trucks, a.k.a. dock carts, are available in two standard sizes to meet your needs. Key features include:

  • 3-sided cart with 4 ga mesh grids
  • Frame made from 1.5″ angle iron
  • Lower platform made from 14 ga steel with formed strip stock reinforcement
  • Interior working dimensions of 36″D x 72″L x 48″H (60″H overall)
  • 8″ x 2″ molded rubber non-marking casters (2 rigid & 2 swivel)
  • Powder coat finish
  • Also available in 30″D x 60″L x 48″H

Carts Salco Heavy Duty Dock Cart

Salco Wire Mesh Utility Truck

Steel Wire Mesh Dock Cart

Pallet Carts

Salco produces custom pallet carts and trolleys to meet your specific needs. Some key features and options include:

  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • High-quality casters
  • Thick steel corner guards
  • Custom size
  • Powder coat finish
  • Rotating upper platform

Salco Steel Pallet Trolley

Rotating Roller Deck Pallet Trolley

Custom Powder Coated Pallet Cart

Gravity Flow Racks

Heavy duty gravity flow racks, also known as carton flow racks or gravity-fed racks, are storage systems that maximize space, improve accessibility, and enhance order picking efficiency. These racks utilize gravity to move products from the loading end to the picking end seamlessly.

Gravity flow racks can be tailored to specific needs with features such as:

  • Size and Dimensions: Customizable to fit available space and various product sizes.
  • Flow Speed: Adjustable angles to control product flow speed.
  • Material Selection: Options like steel, based on product weight and environment.
  • Accessories: Dividers, roller tracks, and brakes for enhanced functionality.

gravity flow racks

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Salco can quote projects of all shapes and sizes. If you have questions about our services, please click here to contact us. Someone from our team will be happy to assist you.

Other Custom Designs

Custom industrial carts and trolleys for many purposes across many industries including automotive, aerospace, and medical.

Custom Carts Steering Assembly

Carts with Urethane Part Holders

Shaft Heat Treat Carts