While there are numerous factors to consider when choosing the right wire mesh product for your specific project, one of the most important distinctions between woven and welded wire Mesh is how the wires connect.

When making a custom wire basket, the overlapping wire parts usually get handled in one of two ways: permanently welding them together or weaving them over and under to produce a loose net shape.

Each type of metal mesh material has its strengths and weaknesses. Ultimately, the best wire mesh basket will depend on your specific requirements.

Read on to find out which is your best option.

Woven Wire Mesh

A set number of metal wires get interwoven together to make a roll or sheet of wire mesh that maintains a specific pattern in woven wire mesh.

With a woven mesh pattern, you may reduce the welding required for the basket, lowering the overall cost and production time. The wires are weaved together in an alternating over and under pattern to create tension and hold them together. The ends of these wires, where they link to the basket’s frame, are usually just the parts that get welded.

Aside from cost savings, woven mesh baskets are more malleable than welded baskets, having wires that bend or alter position more easily in reaction to external stress.

Woven wire mesh is particularly effective for irregular contours owing to its more flexible nature. However, smaller materials such as ultrasonic parts may fall out of the container or through the steel mesh holes.

Welded Wire Mesh

Welded wire mesh is made up of a series of steel wires that have been welded together at the wire cross-sections with one of several welding processes, the most popular of which being TIG and spot welding.

Most, if not all, of the points where two wires connect in welded wire mesh baskets are permanently welded together. This feature increases the basket’s rigidity, making it stronger and less likely to bend under greater loads.

Moreover, owing to their rigidity, welded wire baskets also have superior supports and other devices for retaining a lid in place than woven wire baskets.

With that, welded wire mesh is very useful because of its strength, but it is also the most expensive material because it requires more time and labor.


Ultimately, a woven mesh basket can serve your demands if you need a more pliable basket or want to keep basket expenses down. On the other hand, the welded wire basket is essential if you’re going to undertake ultrasonic cleaning on objects that are either very small or very heavy.

Whatever wire mesh basket you go for, trust that Salco will always deliver.