As a part manufacturer, the cleaning and finishing process is a critical component of your production process. You need to ensure that your parts are cleaned and finished efficiently, cost-effectively, and to meet your customers’ requirements. That’s why custom stainless steel baskets are the best choice for part manufacturers. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of stainless steel baskets and why they should be an essential part of your production process.

Benefits of Custom Stainless Steel Baskets

Durability and Strength

Steel baskets are made of high-quality materials that can withstand harsh environments and chemicals, making them the ideal choice for part manufacturers. They can handle heavy loads, resist damage, and maintain their shape and structure over time. Salco Engineering & Manufacturing Co. specializes in designing custom baskets that are built to last.


Custom stainless steel baskets are designed to meet your specific requirements. You can specify the size, shape, and configuration of the basket to fit your parts perfectly. You can also choose the type of mesh, wire thickness, and basket depth to suit your cleaning and finishing needs. With stainless steel baskets, you have complete control over the design, ensuring that your parts are cleaned and finished to your exact specifications.

Improved Cleaning and Finishing

Custom baskets are designed to improve the cleaning and finishing of your parts. The baskets’ mesh allows cleaning solutions and finishing compounds to flow freely through the parts, ensuring that all surfaces are cleaned and finished evenly. The basket’s design ensures that the parts are held securely in place during the cleaning and finishing process, preventing damage or deformation. Salco’s custom baskets are designed to optimize the cleaning and finishing process for your specific parts.


Steel baskets are cost-effective because they are designed to last. They can withstand years of industrial use, reducing the need for frequent replacements. This means that you can save money on replacement costs and reduce downtime caused by basket failure. Custom stainless steel baskets also improve the efficiency of your cleaning and finishing process, reducing labor costs and improving overall production efficiency.

Custom Stainless Steel Baskets by Salco

Our baskets are the best choice for part manufacturers because they offer durability, customizability, improved cleaning and finishing, cost-effectiveness, and reduced environmental impact. When you invest in steel baskets, you are investing in the long-term success of your production process. Salco Engineering & Manufacturing Co. specializes in designing custom stainless steel baskets that are built to last. Learn more about Salco’s custom baskets and how they can help improve your production process and take your business to the next level.